Photometric goniometer measurement

We measure the light distribution of your luminaires fast, for reasonable price and professionally.


Standard measurements (type C coordinates = Eulumdat/IES)

  • Results as IES, LDT, PDF files
  • Light distribution and beam angle
  • Luminous flux (Lumens)
  • CCT (color temperature)
  • CRI (color rendering index)
  • Color coordinates
  • Efficiency (Lumens per Watt)
  • Luminaires up to 600W power
  • Luminaire size up to 1500mm
  • Measuring distance up to 25 m


Measurements type A and B:

For some applications photometric measurements type A or B are needed, e.g. for airfield lighting.

For these measurements different angle coordinate systems, analysis and specification are required.

We measure these products according the appropriate standards.


Photometry in field

Measurements of illuminance and luminance, indoors and outdoors. Verifying of lighting installations according standards, as well as application specific measurements.


Thermal measurements and tests

According standards, as well as application specific.