Optical design

Development of optical components and systems for lighting and other applications.

Lenses and collimators, linear optics, Fresnel optics, freeform optics, light guides, prisms, reflectors, special optics, as well as systems with these components.

We also design solutions using standard optics, if preferred, and possible, and if it makes sense.

Product development

Development of luminaires and other lighting products or components.

We can support you already in advance defining the specification of your optics, finding whit it takes to serve its purpose ideally.

All originating from one source, from the idea through concept phase, design, testing, certification all the way to launch into production.

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LED technology

Their long lifetime and high efficiency make LED the most important illuminant of our time. It is important, that they are properly selected designed and operated. LED only reach their long lifetime, if the thermal design is appropriate (more).

The selection of the right LED is often vital to make a certain light distribution possible. Not every LED is suitable for every application. We support you selecting a suitable LED.

Lighting design

We also do lighting design for you (Relux, Dialux). We can also offer this also in combination with a development of lighting products. For example, if a luminaire has to be developed, that fits perfectly to your planned installation.


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